2022年10月23日 12:04

例題1)(  )以外はインフォーマルラーニングを促進する例です(  )に入る適語はどれですか。

A. Storytelling
B. Modeling
C. Workshops
D. Wikis and blogs
【解答】 Cが正解です。C以外はインフォーマルラーニングの例です。

例題2)(. )以外は、パーソナルラーニングネットワークを作る方法です。

A. Meet for lunch with a group of co-workers to plan a retirement party for a peer
B. Join a professional social network
C. Select several blogs and follow them regularly
D. Tweet or comment on blogs

【解答】 A. A以外の回答は、パーソナルラーニングネットワークの構築手段を示すため。


A. Request that the HR department design and deploy a series of two-hour workshops that is presented to cross-department groups over the next few months.
B.Request that the Communication Department post new information on colorful posters each week in the break room including space for employees to add comments and questions. Ask senior leaders to discuss questions their staff may have.
C.Release a request for proposal asking consultants to submit a plan for training the agency.
D.Design and deploy an e-learning program that employees can download and take with them. Once employees complete the e-learning training, the agency will track the results of the final exam employees complete at the end of the session.

【解答】 B. B以外はフォーマルラーニングの例であるため。
*詳細は、ATDから発売されている「ATD Learning System」を参照ください。