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A. I think that could work. Perhaps you could provide me with several examples of times you need to give a speech.
B. Independent study is a good idea because it will save everyone time.

C. I don't think we will achieve the objective with a paper and a template.

D. That's one way to do it, but I think it will be more fun if we learn together in a class.

【解答】 Cが正解です。実践する練習の場が必要です。プレゼンを録音、聞いて批評するといった訓練が必要です。


A. Design a week-long summit for each region and follow up with peer learning.
B. Provide a reading list, and send all leaders to a senior executive university course.

C. Design a year-long course that meets two days every month and delivers content based on the needs assessment and the 360-degree feedback.

D. Kick off the event at the annual business retreat currently attended by all leaders, and follow up with an e-learning system where employees can select short activities to practice.

【解答】 D。店長は研修に時間をかけるのが難しいため、1日で終えられることが一番効果的です。そして、個々の空いた時間を使ってアセスメントでわかる課題をelearningで学習するのが現実的です。

例題3)(   )以外は、新しいスキルを身につけ、実践する方法です。

A. Case studies
B. Demonstrations
C. Diagrams
D. Role playing

【解答】 C。図表を使って知識を整理するためのものだから。

*詳細は、ATDから発売されている「ATD Learning System」を参照ください。