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A. Blended learning
B. Objectives
C. Graphic organizers
D. Self-study

【解答】 Bが正解です。Bが方向を示し、結果を評価するものだから。

例題2)次のうち、( ) 以外はインフォーマルラーニングです。

A. It includes 80 percent of all learning that occurs on the job.
B. Large numbers of employees will learn the same information and/or processes at the same time.
C. It occurs at the time that learning is needed.
D. It is highly relevant and done in small steps.

【解答】 B。Bはフォーマルラーニングの例だから。


A.You just attended a webinar about informal learning and that the fastest, easiest way to get all the information out is to disseminate it through the departments and have the supervisors conduct training for each of their employees. You can start now.
B. You read about accelerated learning, a learning strategy that involves the right and left hemispheres, the cortex, and the limbic systems of the brain, thus making learning more natural and faster and suggest that you deploy a similar process.
C. You have the perfect solution: rapid instructional design (RID). RID is a collection of strategies for quickly producing instructional packages that enable a specific group of learners to achieve a set of specific learning objectives. RID involves alternatives, enhancements, and modifications to the ADDIE model.
D. Even though there are many tools that can be used, you need to gather a bit more information and clarify the objectives of this effort.

【解答】 D。SMART目標を挙げなければ成果を定義できないから。

*詳細は、ATDから発売されている「ATD Learning System」を参照ください。