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A. Assess, design, develop, implement, evaluate
B. Assess, discover, design, implement, evaluate
C. Analyze, design, develop, implement, evaluate
D. Analyze, discover, design, implement, evaluate

【解答】 Cが正解です。ADDIEは、分析、設計、開発、導入、評価の略です。

A. This theory is a collection of strategies used to quickly produce instructional packages depending on types of trade-offs between design and delivery.
B. This theory supports the notion of lesson plan design and an ideal teaching sequence that enhances retention because the training is based on the way that learners process information.
C. This theory outlines a learner-centered instructional style that guides the learners to discover what they need to learn.
D. This theory outlines six behavioral levels including knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

【解答】 B。人間が情報処理、短期記憶装置から長期記憶装置に情報をプロセスする理論に基づき、編み出した事象であるから。

A. Provides learning challenges for learners to overcome
B. Supports both learners and trainers
C. Presents material both visually and verbally
D. Provides for group-based learning

【解答】 正解は、A。加速学習は、チャレンジや学習を克服することに焦点を置かないため。

*詳細は、ATDから発売されている「ATD Learning System」を参照ください。