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2019年12月22日 20:15

 A. How adults change as they age and the effect of age on learning
 B. How adult’s motivation becomes more internalized as they age and the effect on learning.
 C. How adults think with both sides of the brains but have a strong preference for one side or the other.
 D. How adults have learning preferences that are divided into the three categories: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

【解答】 Aが正解です。成人の学習ニーズ、好み、能力の変化と関連するため。


A. Adults learn most effectively when learning is organized by cognitive, psychomotor, and affective.

B. Adults are concerned with discovering the relationship between stimuli and responses to predict and control behavior.

C. Learning occurs primarily through exposure to logically presented information and concerns the organization of memory and thinking.

D. Learning needs change as adults mature.

【解答】 C。認知主義は情報プロセスが記憶と思考の構成によるものだから。

例題3) VAKモデルによるとkinesthetic learnerのための指導法はどれが適切か。

A. Visuals such as pictures and diagrams.

B. Lectures.

C. Hands-on activities.

D. Music.

【解答】 正解は、C。情報を動作と触覚で身につけるため。

*詳細は、ATDから発売されている「ATD Learning System」を参照ください。