CPLP ハイライト

2019年11月02日 19:28

例題1)Maslow’s hierarchy of needs が成人学習に関して適するのはどれですか。
A. Adult learners learn differently from children, and five key principles affect how adults learn: self-concept, prior experience, readiness to learn, orientation to learning, and motivation.
B. To predict and control behavior, stimuli are linked to responses.
C. In this didactic model, someone “telling” the information leads a formal learning session – usually in lecture format.
D. Five levels of needs indicate that a person can achieve a higher level of need only after lower levels are satisfied, which suggests that people are motivated by different factors.

【解答】 Dが正解です。人は異なる場において満足するため、異なる原因によって動機付けされます。

例題2)タレント・マネジメントにおいてMalcolm Knowles の成人学習を示すのはどれか。
A. Andragogy
B. Pedagogy
C. The whole brain model
D. Accelerated learning

【解答】 A. 子供の学習がPedagogy, 成人学習はAndragogy。

例題3) Andragogy modelに基づく成人学習として不適切なのはどれか。
A. As people mature, they develop a psychological need to be self-directed.
B. As people mature, they accumulate to learn becomes increasingly internal.
C. As people mature, their readiness to learn is directly related to age and curriculum.
D. As people mature, their motivation to learn becomes increasingly internal.

【解答】 正解は、C。年齢とカリキュラムはAndragogyの主要原理ではないため。